Why being a girl can suck.


I think we all should agree men and women are equal. Still they’re different from each other. As the young girl I am, I find some things about being a female pretty difficult. I feel like being female is so much harder. These are a few arguments.

Oh, come on. Women are the ones that have to carry another human for 9 months and then push it out of their bodies. Of course it’s a beautiful experience, but it includes some hard work. You can get tired, annoyed or you have many mood switches. A good thing about pregnancy is that you won’t have a period for 9 months, which brings me to the next thing.

Now, some women don’t mind having periods. They either take the pill, or don’t notice anything besides the bleeding. Instead I always have huge stomach aches. Some are bad tempered when they’re having their period. Also some get cramps in their backs, I sometimes have that. And besides all the pain you of course have the bleeding project down there. Boys really don’t realize how annoy these few days can be!


Nowadays women and men are pretty equal. A very few times women do boy-ish things, and men do girl-ish things. But things used to be so different. Women weren’t aloud to vote for a long time, to work outside of the house and study. Because of this some people still feel like men are more worthy.

This was just a random post, but yeah. What do you find the worst and best thing about your gender? Let me know!

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