Berlin. #WhaleyTravel 02


A few days ago I got back from Berlin, Germany. I went there with the whole third grade of our high school. We did lots of sightseeing in just 24 hours and I’d love to tell you about the amazing Berlin. So let’s just start, shall we?

My journey began Friday around half past 4 in the morning. Even though I was not used to wake up this early, this time I wasn’t that tired. The other day me and my classmates went to Efteling, which is a theme park so that got me pretty exhausted. Anyway, I quickly made breakfast and I made myself ready before I went to school. The trip in the bus was supposed to take about 8 hours, but we ended up riding for 10 hours… We arrived at 4 pm. Once we got at the Hostel, we checked in and had some time to settle ourselves.


At half past 5 it was time to discover Berlin. We walked with our group to the Sovjet Memorial Treptow which basically was a beautiful large garden with a tower or statue at the end. It was beautiful and we sat down for a bit so our mentor could explore the building. Our mentor loves things that have something to do with the Sovjet Union and such things so yeah.
After the garden, we bought metro tickets and went to Alexanderplatz. This is some sort of center of Berlin where you can shop and eat. Our group separated since some wanted McDonalds, others pizza and my part of the group wanted real German food. We all wanted Schnitzel but at the end I ate bratwurst since there was no schnitzel… It was good food tough, and I had lots of fun there.


After dinner we walked around for a while and saw a man playing the bagpipe. We found it horrible and joked around for a few before we met with the other part of the group again. I honestly expected we would walk for an hour or so and return to the Hostel but we ended up walking until half past 1 AM. We saw a bit of the Berlin Wall, the Dome of Berlin and Brandenburger tor. On the side of the Dome, there was some sort of huge bathtub kind of thing which was supposed to be a fountain. Instead there was no water in there, so our class got into the statue kind of thingy and we made a cool group photo.

Everybody got really thirsty and literally everybody had dry lips as we walked through the city. As soon as we arrived back in the Hostel, which was the All In Hostel, I believe, we went to our rooms and called it a night.


The next day we began with a simple breakfast with some bread and orange juice. Next up we walked over some bridge and saw the Molecule Man. We walked to a long piece of the Berlin Wall and adored it. Then we took the metro and went to the Holocaust Monument. It was beautiful and we walked through the monument which was so impressing. Then our group separated again. A few went shopping, and we went to the DDR museum which was really fun. After the museum we went back to Alexanderplatz and from there we went to the hostel to pack our things and leave Berlin.

We ended with a 8 hour bus trip to our home and we brought some amazing memories with us.

Berlin, I’m missing you already.

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