1. Life stories


One was bullied during elementary school, another ran away another discovered to be gay. We all have stories. Some have more details and some are just for a short period of your life. I tried to look back at the past 15 years and discover my story. Today I’m going to tell you all about it.

If I had to describe my story in one word, it would probably be something like ‘precious’ or ‘marvelous’. I genuinely feel lucky to tell you about my story, because it’s not bad at all. My parents raised me the right way, they might be a bit protective but that’s just the way it is. I never had massive problems with my siblings, I almost see them as best friends. Also, I’ve never been bullied or been depressive. No one every abused me or anything a like. Sure, people  sometimes said rude things about me and of course I feel insecure every now and then. I have small fights with the people around me, but I can’t really include that to my story.

I was friends with Hanna, a girl who I met on the internet. She was super insecure about herself and even cut herself every now and then. I tried to stop it, but she was living far away from me. After a while, as our little friend group grew, she tried to stop and I believe she eventually did. At that time I found her story so impressive, and of course it still is. But at that moment I wanted an interesting story to look back on. A story that wasn’t nice at all.

Now I realize that I don’t want that at all. I love the people I met, and I can’t wish other things had happened. Since my story hasn’t begun yet, I can’t do anything but explore the world.


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