How to survive the heat?


Holy shit, it has been 35 degrees Celsius for the last few days. Maybe it’s not that warm for in Thailand or something, for in the Netherlands it’s extremely rare. As we’re not used to it, we do what Dutch people always do. Complain. Unless you have very useful ways to survive the heat, of course.

Water fights!
I’ve done this a couple of times now with my little brother. Just grab either the simplest items like cups and bottles, or use guns and water balloons. My favorite is a plastic bottle. Fill it with water, aim for the person and squeeze! My brother thought I could never hit him from 3 meters but I did, right in the face! The only kinda annoying thing, is that I personally have to wash my hair every time it gets wet.

Swimming and sunbathing
These are really standard, but it really helps. Well, swimming helps against the heat. Sunbathing only makes it even warmer but it’s a nice activity. Make sure you have sun protection, because it’s not a great thing to burn.

Make cold drinks!
Or you can just buy one. The last few days, I collected 3 or 4 pieces of fruit and made a milkshake as soon as I got out of school. It’s really refreshing, and it’s super important to stay hydrated. You should always have a bottle of water close by.

Stay inside.
At extreme heat, the best you can do is close all the curtains and windows as soon as the sun raises. That’s how you can hold the heat outside a bit. Sun is great, but it can also be a bit too much sometimes.

Some houses have air-condition, but mine doesn’t. Especially on the loft the heat is massive. We have just one little fan and we also share it sort of. During the day it is downstairs, because no one of us is upstairs during the day and we just share it a night. For example, I claimed that thing for tonight, and tomorrow my sister might have it. Even though the sound is kinda annoying, it’s better than sweating all night long.

That was it for today! A quick tiny update, I’ve had 5 tests and they all went alright. I still need to make 6, but I won’t be able to upload much after that. I’ll have a sport day at school, the next day I’m going to a theme park and the two days after I’m in Berlin. Sorry for that, but I don’t have loads of inspiration at the same time. Anyway, I hope to see you soon!

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