Pokémon ?


Hey everybody, I’m back again but this time I’ll talk for a bit about Pokémon. You love it, or you hate it but let me tell you I love it. I used to have loads of cards, and I remember how much fun they were. I’ll talk a bit about that today so let’s just get into it.

First Pokémon Card

The first actual card I owned was Luxio. He was level 19, evolved from Shinx and had 80HP. He was definitely my favorite card and just as with my favorite Playmobil character, I never traded it.

Favorite Pokémon
My favorite Pokémons in general are Squirtle, Snorlex and Dragonite, probably. They’re all just so adorable, I think. Oh, and I also really loved Buizel! For the game I used to play, which was Pokémon Diamond or Black, I always chose Turtwig which at the end evolved to Torterra. Depending on the television show, I loved Mewtwo and Mew.

Shiny cards
I don’t remember all the shiny cards I had, but I believe it were 5 or so. Dialga was almost 5 and half meters high, and weight over 680 kilograms. Well, at least that’s what the Pokédex says. I also had an Onix and Giratina. Then I remember either my brother or me had a Tropius.

Stupid Pokémons
Now, I don’t think that any of them are stupid, but there were some of those Pokémon cards that no one wanted. For example Seedot, which basically was acorn with a face. I also had an Onix,

Weird evolutions
Pokémons will often evolve into an even stronger one. Often those evolutions will even look cooler, but some of them are a bit odd. For example Phanpy which evolves into Donphan. Colour changes, and well. Basically everything about the little cute elephant changes.

So yeah, that was that. I’m planning on buying ONE last package soon but they’re kinda expensive.


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