I might have mentioned before, that I really dislike wearing dresses and skirts. A few weeks ago I actually didn’t even want to wear a dress before my prom but on the 13th of June 2015 my opinion changed by just a bit. Curious about my first dress and the story behind it? Read along!

Our school organizes 2 theme parties a year for the third grade. Last year we had a theme called ”VIP” which basically meant a Prom-Theme Party. That was the first time I didn’t go to a school party because I absolutely didn’t want to wear a dress. Guess what, the theme of this party is Pre-Prom again! It’s a bit odd, I think. Since our class this year is literally one big friend group, I just have to go to the party. Next year our class will break up, and this might be the last memory with the whole class. So yeah, I firstly figured I’d just simply wear some shorts but my friends disagreed like shit. They insisted I’d wear at least one of their dresses so yeah. I went to the H&M with my mum to find a cute but not too girly dress and this is what I bought.


It cost 20€ and I never thought I could fall in love with a dress, haha. I really like it, and I feel really comfortable in it. The only problem left is, what shoes can I wear with this dress? Don’t have heels, don’t want them. I firstly wanted to just wear my low all-stars but my mum finds it a bad idea. Oh well, I’ll see about that later on.

What do you think about my first dress?

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