my precious belongings.



Guess who’s back, back again? It’s me! I’m back with 5 of my precious belongings!


The first thing I’d like to talk about, is this adorable elephant. It’s a souvenir from Thailand and I bought it at some sort of Elephant-Hospital. They are all hand painted and this one was like love at first sight. I’ve always loved elephants, and now I have new travel experiences this is a perfect souvenir!


A little piggy bank! This one’s hand painted again, but not by just anyone… I painted it myself when I was little. It doesn’t really have a story but I like it anyway.

I got this guitar from my dad, just as a gift, when I was in my I-play-guitar-every-day-period. From the moment I got it, I absolutely adored it. Even though I don’t play it every day, I really enjoy playing and learning.


Last but definitely not least, these two jewelry from when I was younger. Let’s start off with the ring. It has a red stone in it and nowadays it barely can fit the top of my pinky. I don’t actually remember the story behind the ring but I absolutely adore it.
Continuing with the dolphin necklace. Now this one actually does have a story. My grandmother gave it to me, probably around 8 years ago. She passed away and besides photos this is one of the only things I have of her.

Another thing that just popped into my head was a birthday card. Not just any birthday card, but it came from my grandparents as they couldn’t make it to my little party as my grandmother lay in the hospital. At that age I thought she was just having a cold and even the letter said We’ll come over as soon as granny gets better. They visited me shortly afterwards but granny never really got better from her cancer…

So, what are your precious items?

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