Learn The Dutch Life

Dutch Sayings?! #LearnTheDutchLife


#LearnTheDutchLife is back! On today’s episode I’ll talk about some of the Dutch saying. Some might be funny, so just if your interested I invite you to read along!

A child can do the laundry.
This basically means that something is really easily done. Even a child can complete the task! The one time I was in New York, my mum asked a stranger where the subways were, he told us the way and my mother replied with this saying. She’s not really the best in English, haha.

When the cat leaves the house, the mice dance on the table.
I guess you could say that this means that you’re doing whatever you want when no one is stopping you from acting like a fool.

The monkey comes out of the sleeve.
This is a pretty weird one, yeah. It means that the truth is finally there, no more lies.

When you begin at ‘a’ you need to continue to ‘b’
That’s not the right translation by the way. If you would translate it literally it would be something like ‘who ever says A has to say B aswell’ but  I don’t like the sound of that sentence. Anyway, it means that once you started something you need to finish it aswell.

East, West, home best.
Doesn’t matter where you go, home will always be the best place to be.

Two flies in one hit.
I think you use ‘Kill two birds with one stone’ instead. It just means that something can be useful for more things, I guess.

Who prepares a trap for someone else, will be trapped himself.
Just karma.

This wasn’t really a long post, but I thought it would be funny to give some sayings. :)


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