The Google Tag

I’m back, back again! This time with another Tag since these are fun to do, and don’t take a lot of time, haha. Today I figured to do the Google Tag. Never heard of it, or are you just interested? Feel welcome to read along!

Alright so in this tag, you simply go to google and type in every character of the alphabet. Whatever comes up on the first line is what you last searched for. A really original and easy tag to do, so let’s just begin!

Assepoester en het droomkasteel.
Translated this means Cinderella and the Dream Castle. This was some old game and I needed a picture of it for one of my recent posts, haha. You basically had to furnish a pretty castle and it was a fun game.

Blinky Bill
Same reason as with the first one. It was a game and I needed a picture of it. Not really interesting.

Canon Rebel T3I
I’m recently searching for a nice compactable camera for my holidays. I’d love to do some vlogging, but a good camera would be useful. I somehow came up with this camera, but I’m not going to buy it so don’t worry. Please let me know if you know a good camera for about 300€.

I think this is also a shop in America or so. If not, Decathlon is just a shop that has almost everything for every sport. I searched on the Web shop for Penny Boards, haha.

Eye? I honestly can’t remember why I searched on Eye. Maybe it had something to do with my editing.

I recently discovered that Fenneks are the cutest animals! I’d describe them as little kittens with huge ears.

Gabby Logan
I barely know who this is, but I wanted to make an edit of her so I needed a photo of her. Easy peasy.

Hozier Take Me To Church Chords
So, I’ve been trying to play the chords of this song on the guitar, and it goes pretty well except for the freaking Bar Chords. I need to learn the song on carillon but it’s really difficult so I wanted to try the guitar instead.

I’ve been to this film lately. It was nice but a bit long, haha. And I searched this for any pictures of the movie.

Joe Sugg Art
When I see Fan-art, I feel like I need to try to make it but let’s be honest. It never really works out.

Kortingscode Zalando
Translated that would be Discount Code, maybe? When you order something online, always look for a discount code because it might save you some money. This time it saved my 8€.

Laura’s Passion Teacher
Another game from one of my recent posts.

Movie Maker
I’ve been searching for an editing program, and I know that Movie Maker sucks but I had to edit something really quickly so yeah.

Nikon Coolpix S9900
Can we just adore the beauty of this camera for a second?! I might buy this one, but I’m not sure…

Oli White
Once again I needed a picture for my editing. Oli, Oli White OH OH OH!

Pitch Perfect 2 Emily
I’ve been to the movie recently and I really wanted to know who Emily played because she’s my favorite character.

Q – Nothing

R – Something personal

Serie The Inbetweeners
So I didn’t know if the Inbetweeners was a movie or show. I wanna watch it soon.

Tweenies Game
I think it’s pretty obvious that this one was about the recent post.

Username Evie
Who else is excited for Username: Evie? If you don’t know, this is a graphic novel by Joeseph Graham Sugg that will be available on the 10th of September, I believe. I’m definitely going to buy it!

Vertalen Nederlands Engels
As you might know, I’m Dutch and still very young. I don’t speak perfect fluent English, but I’m learning and for that I sometimes need a translation-program thingy.

I was searching for some giveaways, didn’t find any unfortunately…

X Nothing


Zombie haunting
For an edit once again, haha.

So this was the tag! Please tell me if you did it aswell.



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