Why I love London so much.


London, a city pretty well known. It has been my favorite city since forever, I think. But how did this obsession with London begin?

I don’t remember how and where this love for London began, but I recon it grew because of my love for idols. The first people that made me wanna go to London were maybe One Direction? Yeah, probably. I wasn’t such a big fan girl of them, but I did like their music. Because of Niall, I ”met” Nando’s. You see, we don’t have even one freaking Nando’s in our miserable land. It would be my favorite restaurant by far, I mean CHICKEN!

After finding myself listening to One Direction a lot, I somehow found this site called YouTube. Now, the first couple of real video’s I watched were from Dutch people. But as soon as I found out there were English Youtubers aswell, I started watching them like crazy. It was only about a year ago I subscribed on Joeseph Sugg, but it feels like I’ve known him for years and years. When he moved to London and showed around a bit, my love for London grew again. Nando’s, big Red Buses and not to forget… The absolute beautiful language.

I like the fact that I’m Dutch, since Dutch is a pretty difficult language and I’m speaking it fluent. But I’d absolutely love to have the British accent. I think it’s amazing beautiful. When I was like 6 I thought everyone who had that accent, was very rich and neat. Nowadays I listen to English 24/7 and I barely notice the people have accents.

Another thing I think I like, is the weather. You see, in Holland we have the same shitty weather as in England. I love the sun and summer, don’t get me wrong, but when I walk with my dog through the park, headphones plugged in and it’s raining a bit… I generally enjoy such walks. My parents would now say I don’t since I always complain about walking the dog. They’re right, but once I’m out of the door it’s different.

If you’re in the city of where I live, and you go happily vlog everything you do, people will stare at you like you gone insane. In London it would be pretty normal, or at least close to normal. People aren’t really getting judged by what they like to do, at least that’s what it looks like.

So that’s what I love about London! Please let me know what your favorite city is and why. I’m off now because my bloomin’ Spotify just went off…

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