I’m back again and this time I’d like to tell you about the old games I used to play. Maybe I can refresh your memory or I can just learn you some  new awesome games?

Alright so let’s start with my all-time-favorite game. It was called Laura’s Happy Adventure and it was based on the Playmobil toys. You had to take care of the little baby, go see some magicians and do lots of more fun stuff. The thing I remember the best was the riding into the mine with such a cute minecart. As soon as you got out of the cart, you were in some sort of cave with fairies. I know it sounds really stupid now, but it gives my just a heartwarming feeling.

Skipper and Skeeto was also one of my most played games. We had the one in the play yard/park version aswell as something with robots and one in a creepy building. I’m so good in explaining, haha. Anyway, you just had to do these little tasks and strangely enough this game could be frightening! Me and my siblings still loved every second of it and I’d do anything to play it again.

Mister Paddington! This was also one of my favorite games to play. You basically travelled around the world which had the worst graphics. In China you had to chop bricks with your bare bear hands, in England you had to do some painting and in France you had to find something with a metal detector! We weren’t smart enough to actually play this game till the end, because it was pretty hard but once again. It was awesome!

Thunder and Lightning aren’t so frightening! Pajama Sam 2, was one of the games that looked like they were impossible to finish. You played as Sam, and went to some sort of station where the thunder and lightning were controlled. You had to help Thunder and Lightning with sorting out things and it generally was a good game. Luckily this game is still available on apple devices, which I’m so happy about.

Freddi Fish was from the same creators as Pajama Sam, I think. The version of Freddi Fish was the school one. There were sharks that dressed like spooks to scare you, you had to catch them by putting on a trap. I don’t remember lots of this game, but it was difficult. Aswell as Pajama Sam, this one’s still available on Apple so I think I might buy it soon.

You haven’t lived when you haven’t played this game. The idea was simple, build your own Rollarcoaster park and get as much money as possible. Of course you also had to clean everyone’s puke and make sure everyone had enough fast food. There were actually more Rollarcoaster park-thing-ish games I played but I totally forgot the names.

Do you recognize this? It was the first Sims ever. Sims Deluxe was it called, I believe. I absolutely loved playing it but there was one thing I didn’t like as much. When you hung up a painting of a clown, a clown would literally walk into your house and make your Sims cry. A bit weird, yeah. The graphics are so terrible, and I remember the pets and holidays you could go on to.

Alright, that were enough games for now. If you have any more, please let me know! I’m really curious. And with that I’ll hope you have a great day. See you soon!


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