Necklace Stash


Hey guys, sorry for not posting a blog in ages! It has been 4 days since I last uploaded a post, jees! Today I figured I should just show you what necklaces I’ve got since I don’t have loads. As you might now, I’m not really the type of girl that wears make-up and paints her nails and neither do I wear necklaces but I do have them though. If you’re curious about what necklaces I’ve got, just read along!

Alright, so the first necklace I’d like to show you, is the one I didn’t make a photo of. It’s only shown on the thumbnail and it’s the black nerd-glasses-necklace. It’s from Claire’s and it was probably around 5 euros.


The second item I’d like to talk about, is the little Robot-Necklace I have. As you can see it’s the first necklace on the photo about and I think it’s just really adorable. Once again I got it from Claire’s and I really don’t remember the price of it.

The owl is probably my favorite necklace. It somehow symbolizes my grandmother who passed away several years ago. I remember what a great time I had with her, and from the beginning I got this necklace, I felt like grannie had something to do with it. Don’t ask me, I don’t know why but yeah. It’s from Claire’s (of course…) and I believe it was 8 euros.

The little blue turtle is a necklace I got on holiday in Greece. I bought it somewhere in Greece and I honestly can’t remember the price. It was just a spontaneous thing to buy the necklace and I think it’s cute. Now I look at my necklaces, I see I still have a bit of a childish style, haha.

Next up the anchor-infinity thingy. Believe me, this isn’t the last necklace I got from Claire’s… In my little Anchor-Obsession-Period I just bought it. I don’t even get the hang of it, but alright then. Price is unknown.

Lastly, from Claire’s, this little sandal. I think I bought this one about 3 years ago. You could choose between an America and England sign, and of course I chose England. It’s nice for the summer, but it’s just so tiny you can barely see it. Price unknown again.

So this was basically my necklace stash, very small as you could notice! I’d like to buy a Gemstone Necklace but since I hardly ever wear necklaces, I might not. Please tell me what your favorite necklace is in the comments below!


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