My lucky week.


Hey everyone, I’m back! Sorry I haven’t posted that much the last couple of days, but I luckily have something writing down for you for the day. This week is definitely my lucky week. If you are wondered why, then please read along.

It started on Sunday, I think. I went on twitter and got bored quickly, so I decided to do some of my editing. I edited a real quick and simple cover for Username: Evie and tweeted it to the world. Turned out a few minutes later freaking Joe Sugg had favorited and replied to my tweet. My tweet said: I’m so excited for #usernameevie and his said You’re all so on it!! :) So yeah, that’s the first thing that made me happy.

On Monday the Sugg siblings had a little broadcast, which I happily watched. After they ended the broadcast, I got bored and noticed they were watching others, so I decided to follow them to the other livestreams where I chatted a bit to no one. I also said: ”I really need to stop stalking and start learning my economics!” in one of the chats. Turns out Zoe read my little comment out loud on Joe’s vlog and they both shortly chuckled about it. It may look stupid to you that this made me happy, but it generally did. The vlog’s right here. (click here or watch under this sentence)


Youtubers look like they are always happy and all, which makes me happy. Of course they have tough days, but they don’t show it that often. Because of this I can enjoy watching Youtube. People are being positive and happy, which automatically makes me smile.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the photos and videos in this post. Also I wasn’t trying to brag but this was just something that I’m passionated about.  


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