For when you’re bored.

wihbdl Hello everybody. The past days I had this massive Writers Block and it was just so hard to type an article. You may have noticed that the last post weren’t really good but I just wanted to post something. Anyway, today I thought I should tell you what I’ve been doing lately.   THE SIMS 4
I love games, and also the Sims 4 is included to my Gaming list. It’s way more fun to play the Sims without using any cheats, otherwise it gets boring really easily. I now play with a young adult named Clementine Goldberg and she’s the best artist ever. It’s so cool how you can paint in several styles.

I’ve been discovering some new music. Music from the famous movie Grease but also from old Disney movies. Singing along with Hakuna Matata is just so much fun! Oh, and I’m also obsessed with Treblemaker’s Trebles Finals.

I love drawing and painting, and I have several notebooks for my art so I did some sketching for the past days. It’s not that I’m that great at drawing but I do really like it. If you’re interested in what I drew, click here.

One of my favorite hobby’s is editing. I love making covers for books and making just weird things. If you wonder, I use Photo Filtre 7 and I’ve used it for probably 3 years now and I think it’s an easy program to use. If you wanna check out some of my edits, click here.

I often have these amazing storyline ideas and I immediately start writing. At those moments I always feel like that story will be a beautiful finished story but I always end up beginning with another book… I lately wrote about a zombie-apocalypse, a rich girl meeting a farmer’s son and probably a lot more little stories. If interested click here.

So that was basically what I’ve been doing for the last couple of weeks. What’s your biggest hobby, please let me know in the comments below!

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