Don’t wait.


Whenever I listen to music I get inspirited easily. Music makes me forget my worries and it helps me fantasizes about lots of other things. Instead of bringing you music, I’m gonna try to give you some tips. Please keep reading, because I’d love to make some of you feel better.

Yes, this little title is related to Joey’s song. I like to listen to the lyrics and think about what they mean. Don’t wait with doing what you wanna do, nobody is stopping you. Life is one big adventure that’s waiting for you. Maybe you can’t do what you wanna do, for example travelling. You might still be in High School, but that doesn’t mean you can’t begin with the goal you have in mind. Start saving money and find a job. There’s always something you can do to get closer to your goal. Don’t fear the future.

What do you really love doing? For me this are things like writing, reading, watching series, being with friends and drawing. It’s kinda logical that doing a hobby makes you happy, so just find the perfect hobby for you!

The way I see it, human made a lot of things. They created anger and fear on such a higher level than animals do. Ghosts, clowns and burglars were all created by people. Being afraid of the opinion of others is also one of those things. Technically we’re animals. Have you ever seen an animal worry about how others think about him? When you keep thinking about other’s opinions you won’t do what makes you happy. There will always be people who judge you so why should you give a shit about what others think? Maybe I should start doing what I wanna do aswell, but I’m busy with preparing.

People are the worst animals on the planet. In general they are rude, kill each other but also animals just to have some fun. They will always judge you but that doesn’t mean they’re right about what they say. Whoever you are, you are beautiful. You might be very skinny, normal sized or a bit curvy. You might have beautiful hair or the worst fluffy hair in existence. You might be fun-sized with pimples all over you but that doesn’t mean you’re ugly. Everyone is beautiful on their own way. Don’t say you agree while you judge others, I hate it when people lie. Everyone judges people without even knowing they are judging. I caught myself judging others and I honestly was a bit disappointed in myself. I think it doesn’t matter when you judge but try not to judge. We all grow up with people who learned us to judge others, but it’s important that you try not to judge.

Also don’t judge yourself. I think it’s hard to discover who you are. Are you the person you wanna be or are you the person that controls you? Am I the girl that wants to have a Youtube channel or would I look like a Wanna-Be? I’m still trying to figure out who I am, and it will probably take my entire life to find out but I’m slowly getting there. Just don’t say to yourself that you’re worthless because you are not. Try to be the best version of you.

This either was a crappy article or an inspirational one. Let me know what you thought of it and if I should do this more often.

Disclaimer: I do not own the photos in this post.


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