Pitch Perfect 2 REVIEW

Hey guys, yesterday me and a bunch of friends took off to the cinema to go and watch Pitch Perfect 2. Since I didn’t have anything to post for today, I figured why not make a review about the movie I’ve just seen? Enjoy!

WARNING: There might be some spoilers in here, but I’ll try to spoil as less as possible.

After being champion of Acapella for the third time, something ruins their title. Because of this failure, the Bella’s are not aloud to continue their group unless they win the World’s Champion of Acapella. At the same time, a girl named Emily joins the Bella’s. The group battles against several others, including Das Sound Machine which is a professional German Acapella group. With all the ups and downs they battle others in the World’s Champion Chip. There’s also a bit of romance between Bumper and Amy, Beca and Jesse and also Emily and Benji.


Actors and characters
All of the actors are great in my opinion. Fat Amy is hilarious as always, and the rest is just acting perfectly fine. Flo was the most annoying character, I really didn’t like her but I guess she had to come out as a weird character. My favorite characters are definitely Benji and Jesse. Those two buddies are just great together.

I couldn’t stand DSM by the way. They were just so bitchy and I hated the music they made. Of course this was sort of the way the producers wanted DSM to be, and it definitely worked on me.

Can I just mention how cute Emily and Benji are together. I totally ship them! The romance between all the couples isn’t a main part of the movie, which doesn’t matter at all. The songs are perfect, come on, who doesn’t love Jesse’s voice?

I don’t really can think of anything negative. I’ve laughed so much throughout this movie and I think it was even better than the first one.

I give this movie an 8 out of 10 because I laughed a lot. The two hour long movie didn’t feel that long, so that’s a good thing aswell. You should definitely go watch it!

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the photos in this post.



5 thoughts on “Pitch Perfect 2 REVIEW

  1. I thought the movie was so funny! Fat Amy is, indeed, hilarious and the jokes were really good! And of course: Jesse, he’s such a cutie!


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