I’m back with the second post of the 30 Days Challenge. Today I’ll talk about something I feel strongly about. There are many things I feel strongly about, but I chose to talk about positivity today. Optimism is a good thing, and I’m going to tell you why I think that.

Life contains loads of crap, but also loads of great things. Someone you love who passed away or getting a new sibling, it all happens in life. You have two options to deal with these happenings. You can either keep thinking about how bad your life is, or you can look forward to something great.

For example, I get stressed for presentations so now and then. It won’t help to keep worrying, believe me. What for me helps, is thinking about summer vacation where I’ll fly to California. Something that great can’t get ruined by such a stupid presentation, I always tell my self. And that’s where the ‘I’ll do my best.’ fase comes. I will do my best for the presentation, but if I mess it up it doesn’t matter. At least I tried and now that’s over I can look forward to more things.


If you keep looking forward to the bad things, you won’t get happy. You need to get some inspiration for what to do with your life. For me Youtube helps a lot, seeing people travel around the world makes me wanna do the same. Life can be pretty bad, horrible sometimes, and that’s why we need to make the best out of this. A smile can help to make someone’s day a bit better, just try it out.


Disclaimer: I do not own any of the photos in this post.

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