When I was trying to come up with an interesting idea for my post, I found this 30 Days Challenge. I guess all you have to do is make an article about something everyday, but I will just randomly choose some of the subjects and talk about that. Also most people start at the first of the month, but I really feel like beginning now so let’s just do it.

Today I’ll tell you 5 ways to win my heart.

1. Clothes
Alright, maybe this is a stupid one but I love it when boys give one of his sweaters to the girl. Every girl loves comfy clothes, and it makes it even better when her boyfriend wore them. It also looks really cute often, a tiny girl in oversized clothes.

2. Talent
Everyone has a talent, alright. Some can sing, others can dance and others can draw. Show your talent, don’t be afraid to show where you’re good at. I love it when people are amazing at doing impressions or singing.

3. Care
Show that you’re really interested in that person, instead of just nodding. Help the other now and then, not just when they need it. The little things like making supper so now and then, and just showing that you care are really important.

diwo chio

4. Humour
Use whatever you need to make me laugh, maybe your talent, maybe just your personality. I love having a good laugh with someone. Sarcasm is great and so is dumb answers to a question. Also, just smile instead of being grumpy all day long.

5. Trust
An important thing in any relation ship is trusting each other. Doesn’t matter if it’s the relation between dadio and yourself, your boyfriend and you or your granny and you. Every friendship or relationship needs trust. I read once that someone made a fake Facebook account to test if her boyfriend would cheat on her. I think that if you do that, you could stop the relationship. Apparently you don’t trust him.

That was the first day! Hope you liked it.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the photos in this post.

One thought on “Love.

  1. Hi, Sleepyhead here, just to say that i am nominating you for the Liebster Award. I will be posting a blog about it later on today so if you could check it out that would be brilliant. Thanks xxxx


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