What makes me happy?


Happiness is such an important thing in life. Everybody wants to be happy, but what makes them happy? Chocolate, family and friends are probably the popular answers but today I’d like to dig a bit deeper to find my answer. What really makes me happy?


This is probably one of the main things that make me happy and I wonder if I’m the only one who does this. Every day, often both in the evening and in the morning, I love to close my eyes and fantasize about something. These fantasizes are often about people I love, Youtubers, artist and many more. I’m actually just making short stories up in my mind, which relaxes me.

The smallest smile or the biggest laugh, it makes me happy. Being with friends and family always makes me smile.  I also really love it when people have the hardest and funniest laughs, those laughs which make you laugh aswell.


The Future is such an unpredictable thing, but you still can lead the way. I love thinking about moving out, moving to London but who says it will actually happen? You kinda believe that you’ll get a great job and a nice house one day, but who knows you might get homeless somehow? I like thinking about the good thoughts, traveling and meeting new people. What could happen next? Is the question I ask myself so now and then. I love the idea of living on my own, trying new things.

How to begin the day better, than with sunshine coming through the curtains? When it’s all cloudy I will get into my lazy mood which means I’m laying all day on the couch, sleeping. Sunshine makes me active, which makes me happy. Sunbathing isn’t really my thing, I prefer swimming for example, but the sunshine will always be a good thing.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the photos in this post.

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