What I Got For My Birthday?!


A few posts ago I posted my Birthday Wish list. Today I’ll tell you what I got for my birthday. To make things clear, I’m not trying to brag in any way. I’m very thankful for everything I got. Let’s start with what I got for my birthday!


To start with, I got this sketchbook from my lil’ brother. It’s really cool if you ask me. It has lined pages, blank pages, graphic papers and some pages where you can stuck stuff in. Doesn’t makes any sence, does it? Just look at the beautiful photos, it might make more sence.

My brother needed a present for me and wanted me to come with him, so he would buy the right thing so I already knew that I would get this, and that’s how I know where it’s from. My brother got it at Bijenkorf, which is a Dutch store. I really am excited to start drawing and designing in this one!


Continuing with the nice sunglasses I got. Once again I had to come with my parents, because sunglasses don’t always look good on me. I got these sunglasses from Eyes + More. I really like them, and the glasses reflect work like a mirror which gives a nice effect.


To make sure I won’t break the sunglasses, I also got a case from my parents. Would definitely come in handy! It’s from Polaroid by the way.

From my sister I got this Douche Scrub. It smells minty and really fresh. I’m sure it would be great to start my day with this thing in the schower! Thanks sister!

The second thing I got from my sister was this wallet she brought for me from freaking London! I’m so happy with it, it looks really cool and come on. LONDON! It’s so cool that she brought something for me while she was on a school trip!


Selfie Sticks, who doesn’t know them? This one’s a blue one and yeah. I got it from my parents which is really nice of them. I’m definitely bringing this with me to California for taking family pictures at the Hollywood Sign and stuff!


The second thing I got from my brother was this chocolate box! It has chocolate bonbons in it and they are DELICIOUS! Thanks little one!

The last thing I got was this iTunes giftcard. One of the things I didn’t expect to get, but this would definitely come in handy. Thanks for the gifts guys!

I also got some birthday cards and money, but I don’t think it’s important to share that since it’s more private. I hope you liked this post!


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