How To Prepare?!

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As you might know, I’m going to freaking California in the Summer break! The last post about my trip was about what I wanted to get before I flied out to Los Angeles, but today I’ll give you some tips about how to prepare for your holiday!


1. Plan ahead
There are tons of things that need to be done before you’re ready to fly out. Search for your passport and ID, exchange your money and maybe even pack your bag. Check if there are any vaccinations required and don’t lose your tickets. Calm down, don’t stress on this one. Just make a list, and check once you did something.

2. Do some research
I’m always the one who searches for sightseeing, 4 months before holiday. Maybe that’s a bit too early, but doing research can help you a lot. Find sightseeing, do some reservations, find out the route from the hotel to the closest supermarket or search for any restaurants close by. It’s great to know a bit about where you’ll be, and that’s why I always go on Google Maps and drive through the streets to find any cute shops.

3. Language
Now this one isn’t really that important for me, since I can speak and understand English. Even tough I learn the more British side of the English language, I’m sure I’ll be able to communicate with the American people. Just if you’re going to Greece or something, you might wanna know how to say Hello, Goodbye and thanks.


4. Weither
What’s the weither over there like? In California the temperature is in general way better than in the Netherlands, but that doesn’t mean I should just put tons of shorts in my luggage. In the months December – April, I believe, it’s summer in California, and in July/August it’s a bit colder but still nice. In the evenings it’s a bit cold, so a sweater would be nice to bring. Also, if you’re going to a tropical place, check if there’s the rain season going on.

5. Electronics
Decide what electronics you want to bring with you. Don’t forget to pack the chargers aswell, and if you put the electronics in your luggage don’t forget to settle it in a safe place. If you travel with the airplane, your luggage might be thrown with and the last thing you want is that your electronics end up broken. Also check if the adapters in your destination defers from the ones you have, because it would be shitty if you weren’t prepared for that.




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