My Birthday Wishlist?!


Hey everyone,
My birthday is upcoming and my mom keeps asking me if I have anything I want for my birthday. At first I couldn’t think of even one thing, but now I have my tiny list and I’d like to share my list with you. In a few days I might post aswell what I got for my birthday, so keep an eye on my blog for that one or just hit the follow button, haha.


Let’s just start off with a pair of sunglasses. I have the worst face when it’s about glasses and sunglasses. I love the Ray Ban type of sunglasses (both the Helicopter and Wayfarer types) but they just look horrible on me. They look way too big for me, so I figured to look for some round glasses. I like the ones on the pictures above, not 100% round but pretty round. I saw some at C&A the other day, they looked alright on me.



Penny Boards! My absolute new obsession. I don’t really think that they look perfect, but I love thinking about skating through the street, wind blowing through my hair. Unfortunately these boards are pretty expensive. I’d still love to get one, but no way I will. My parents find it something for little kids, and think I won’t use it that much. They could be right, but I’d love to try (even with a fake one).


Next up a book which is called Wonder. It’s about a kid who is different from the others. He’s disabled to do normal kids things, and his classmates find him weird. Normally I prefer action or adventures in books, but this just sounds so interesting and the little summary on gets me every time. I really would be interested in this book even tough I still have to finish 5 other books.

I don’t think I used to like this little plants, but since a few weeks I really like the looks of it. Positive thing that they don’t need much water, which makes them my perfect plant. Cacti look really cute on a shelf or anything, just something to green things up.

Disclaimer: I didn’t take any of the photos in this post. I do not have any rights on them.

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