Movie Review Insurgent?!


Hello everyone,
Last weekend my dad, sister and I decided to go for the movies. After not such a long time we figured to go and see Insurgent since we all had seen Divergent and liked it. Next day we sat on those comfortable cinema chairs for a couple of hours and this is what I thought of the movie.

A couple of days after watching Insurgent, I notice I can’t think of a specific summary from this movie. What for example winning the Hunger Games is in the Hunger Games, might be Keep the Divergents alive in Insurgent but it feels like there are so many aspects in this movie. These aspects mostly aren’t really that important if you ask me. You probably don’t understand a shit I’m saying, but the point is that it was a really long movie which I disliked a bit.

There were many actors in Insurgent, but I’ll give my own opinion about the main characters and actors from this movie.
Shailene Woodley to start off with. Her sensitive voice is literally amazing! She knows how to make something really touching and she’s just a brilliant actress if you ask me. As you might know, she also plays in the Fault In Our Stars, you know? That really famous movie from John Green. In the beginning of both Insurgent and Divergent I kept thinking it was Hazel who was in the movie. Wasn’t a bad thing tough, the different types of personality separate Shailene after all.

Theo James, he plays Four in the movie. He’s a great actor aswell, but I personally think he’s not better than Shailene. I haven’t seen any other movies including him yet, also he hasn’t been in many. Apparently he had a band Shere Khan but it stopped in 2012. Yes, we learn new things every day.

What I didn’t really love was the duration of this movie. Insurgent is 123 minutes long, which is 2 hours and three minutes if you’re lazy to count. In some movies you barely notice the length, but I definitely noticed it in this one. At the little break after an hour or so, I thought it was the end. I didn’t mind spending more time on a comfortable chair, but both dad and I gave each other the ‘I’m a bit tired of watching’ look.

I also expected a lot more action. There’s not much fighting in this part of the series which I think is unfortunately. Anyway, that’s all the bad I can think of.

3D & Green screen stuff
I went seeing Insurgent in 3D. With some movies the 3D effect gets really annoying and irritating but I didn’t notice any irritating moment in this movie. The 3D effect didn’t have much use, I shat my pants more in the freaking advertisements than in the whole movie, which is too bad but yeah.
The green screen stuff, you know the background with the beautiful animated building was absolutely amazing! It’s amazing how something like that can be created, and also the special/visual effects were amazing. That’s definitely a positive thing.

I give this movie a 7 out of 10 because I liked it, but it didn’t have that much action and took a bit too long. It was less than what I expected to see, but it was totally fine and nice to watch. And the popcorn was great aswell!

Disclaimer: I didn’t take any of the photos in this post. I do not have any rights on them.

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