How To Deal With Nerves?!


Do you have stomach-ache because of the speech you have to give in front of your class? Being nervous is a stupid feeling you can have. You probably know the cause of these nerves, but how can you calm yourself down? Here are some tips that might help you.

Don’t think too much
Try to entertain yourself so you will forget that you’re nervous. Being nervous, 3 days before your speech probably won’t help you with the speech. Try video gaming, reading, doing sports. Basically all of your hobbies can help with forgetting you’re nervous.

For 5 seconds
This helped just a couple of times for me,  even tough I got this from the television program called Lost. Just give yourself 5 seconds to freak out, alright. Slowly count up to 5, and once you reach 5, you don’t let the nerves back in. I don’t know how I did this, but it somehow worked.

No big deal
Let’s be honest. This thing which causes nerves might take 5 minutes of your day. If you mess it up, you might get a bad grade but that’s not that bad, is it? Try to think of something later on where you can look forward too. I had an English presentation today, and I kept thinking about the upcoming nice weather. It’s just another way of distracting yourself, really.


It’s okay not to be okay
The next thing is something I recently read somewhere. This works really great for me. Instead of telling yourself you shouldn’t be so nervous, you should try to tell yourself that it’s okay to be nervous. Everyone is nervous every while. Don’t bother trying to keep the nerves out. Weird, but this made me less nervous.

Take a deep breath. Hold it for some seconds and release your breath. This will cause your heartbeat to slow down for a little while.

If you don’t prepare your presentation, you might forget loads of important information. You might stutter a lot, which never is that great. Rehearse your speech a couple of times and use a little note with some keywords during the presentation.

Hopefully some of these tips can help you out a bit!

Disclaimer: I didn’t take any of the photos in this post. I do not have any rights on them.

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