The Walking Dead Tag?!


Hey everyone, about one and a half week ago I started watching The Walking Dead. First evening I began watching, I immediately watched 7 episodes. After almost 2 weeks I’m in season 3, episode 8 or something. The Walking Dead is probably one of my favorite series so that’s why I figured to do this Tag! There might be spoilers in some of the answers, but as I mentioned I haven’t watched all of the episodes yet. So if you already watched episode 8 of season 3, you don’t have to be afraid to catch any spoilers. Enjoy!

Are you okay?
Yeah, I am. Absolutely loved today actually.

What’s your favorite weapon used to kill zombies?
Definitely the crossbow of Daryl. It’s quiet but I also have this thing for bows. Can’t use one myself, but I think they’re beautiful weapons.

How many of your favorite characters are dead?
Let’s count. There’s Dale, definitely. Even tough he could be kinda annoying, he was such a cute man and I felt sorry for him every time Shane said something stupid. I’m happy that Shane died, haha. Dale’s dead really made me cry. Sophia’s dead’s too bad aswell, but she wasn’t one of my favorite characters I guess.

Who is your favorite villain?
I really can’t think of any villain right now. Shane’s the characters I hated the most, but he thought he did the right thing. He still made terrible decisions if you ask me, so I’m happy he’s gone now.

What is your favorite season?
Season 3, I guess. Haven’t seen all of it yet which makes it my favorite. I’m so excited!

Stuff or things?
Stuff, definitely.

What’s your favorite location?
If I had to choose on of the locations to survive in, when I’d be in a Zombie Apocalypse, I’d probably choose the prison thing with the big fences. You can build a lot there, and the fences are strong. There’s food and probably water aswell.

Who do you ship?
I guess I ship Glenn and Maggie most of all. That’s the cutest couple without a doubt.

Who do you look like the most (looks)?
Mix of Andrea and Lori probably.

Who do you look like the most (character)?
Maybe Daryl. He’s really adventures and cares about others. He looks like he isn’t afraid of anything, but I am.

Favorite character?
Daryl aswell. I can understand his decision the best (except for the cutting ears off thingy) and he’s just funny somehow.

Coolest survival tip you picked up?
Don’t shoot but knife, maybe? Not really a cool one but I can’t think of any tips of the Walking Dead to be honest. Also ‘Stay of the main roads’ is a pretty good tip probably. Don’t go anywhere alone and be quiet.


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