Crazy Childhood?!


The old days were the gold days, that’s what people always told me. A few years ago I thought it was absolute bullshit, there were no computers or anything and there was not such a thing as Google. Nowadays I agree just a bit with those people. I feel like your childhood is a really important piece of your life, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t include weird habits. Let’s discuss them, shall we?

1. Trying to balance the light button.
Why did I waste my time on this? I kept trying, over and over again, to get the button in balance so the light would flicker and I’d be the happiest person if I could complete it. Of course I wasn’t some sort of genius, so that mission has never been completed.

2. Microwave Bomb.
Alright, if I’m being honest I still have this habit. You know, when you put something in the microwave and it will take exactly 50 seconds before the alarm would go off, you try to do as much as possible before the alarm actually goes. For me, this can include grabbing a drink, go to the toilet or taking the dog for a walk. Okay, maybe not that last one.


3. Fighting Raindrops.
I mostly played the next game with my brother and sister when we were in the car on our way to school. It was raining ( of course it was, it always rains in the Netherlands ), and there were raindrops on the windows. We always picked our own raindrop and encouraged the raindrop to fall down the quickest so the ‘owner’ of the raindrop would’ve won.

4. Fake Sleeping.
This is something I used to do a lot. On Friday nights we used to watch television until 10 pm or something. I always pretended to be asleep just when we were about the head to bed so mom or dad could carry me upstairs. Now, the smart parents I have didn’t fell for that trick so they always ‘woke’ me up and told me to go to bed.

5. Hide and Seek.
I used to hide the food I didn’t like under applesauce or something. Sometimes it worked but mostly my mom saw me hiding it and I still had to eat the food.


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