Little Shoplog?!

Hey guys, I went shopping on Friday and I thought I should show you what I bought.  1uno

First of, food. I went to Jamin and bought Hershey’s and the Jelly Beans game. The Hershey’s I bought are Cookies and Crème Drops, and they are so delicious! Literally can’t stop eating them. The Jelly Beans game isn’t played yet. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, this game has both tasty and gross Jelly Beans in it. You have to eat for example a brown one but you don’t know what taste it will have. It could either be chocolate pudding or dog food, so yeah. That will be fun. The Hershey’s were 5€ and the game was 10€.


Next up, Bershka. This tee was only 6€ and it says Sunday Morning Calling and I love Music and Coffee. I think it’s just cute to wear in summer.


Next up, the best socks ever. These were from Primark and I love these so much. I wear these all the times. €2,50 for 3 pairs.

Lastly, this top. It’s also from Primark and cost €5. I believe it’s called Tie Dye, and I really like the print.

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