Busy Life?!

Today will be just a short talk with you. I’m really busy at the moment, but I’ll do everything to keep uploading.

The main reason of my busy life is that I’m someone who wants to do everything at the same time. If it was possible, I’d draw, play guitar, make homework, learn, watch my series, keep up the YouTube uploads, take a long shower, walk with the dog, read a book, take some photos, make DIY’s and eat on the same day. It’s just not possible, not for me. This week I had to make an assignment for History. It was about World War 2, and once I finished it it’s 9 full papers. Probably spent 8 hours making it. Also, I’m trying to write a book. Normally I make 5 chapters a day, but this time I want to spend my fully thoughts on it. It will take a while, but I hope things work out great.

Enough about all the stressing parts of my life.
I heard some classmates have a conversation about how much they had arguments at home. There was always some fight between them and their mothers, brothers, sisters or dads. When I thought about my life, I kinda was surprised. I used to have at least one fight a day with my brother, but I guess we both got a little bit older. Now we’re buddies, just as me and my sister. I don’t think I ever fight with my mom or dad, it’s kinda funny. My mom always got irritated about  me when she gave me a punishment.

Mom: That’s it, no computer for 4 weeks!
Me: Yeah, thanks! I’m so addicted to my computer, so that would be a great idea.

So yeah, I was just really grown up when I was 8, haha.

Oh, and please can we discuss how annoying these kind of videos on YouTube are. Maybe it’s only like this in the Netherlands, but literally every year on April Fools loads of Youtubers upload a video saying ‘I quit Youtube’. Like seriously, we aren’t stupid. Well, at least I’m not. I see loads of people reacting shocked. Please come up with an original prank, not this one…

Last thing I wanna tell you is that I’m going to the mall in a few hours. If I buy lots, I could do a shoplog if you want me to. So yeah, let me know if you want that.

That was it for today, not really interesting probably. Merry Easter (is that how you say that?) and I’ll see you in a few days!

Naamloos 1


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