Learn the Dutch Life?! #2


Good evening folks,
First things first, I changed my site to What’s Marvelous. What’s Marvelous sounds, at least to me, so much more professional than something most of humanity can’t even pronounce. But alright, now that’s mentioned let’s get into the post.

Not everything you read about Holland is true. Today I’ll tell you what’s true and what’s wrong.

Dutch people always wear clogs
I never had any clogs, just such little souvenirs. We wear, just as most people, sneakers. Maybe some farmers still wear them, but not many do.

The Dutch are the tallest people in the world
This is completely true, even tough lots of kids on my school are around 1.60m tall, which is kinda small. But yes, man are mostly around 1.80m tall and woman around 1.70m.b

The Dutch people love their bikes
Believe me, not everyone loves them. In America they have school busses, right? Here in the low-lands, we don’t have school busses unless you take the normal bus or you’re on a special school. This leaves three other options open, about how to get to school. With the car, which we can’t drive yet. Walking on foot, which would talk too long since most Dutch people are really lazy. Or ride with our beautiful bicycles, which would mean we arrive faster. Almost everyone has a bike here, yes. Lots of people use them, yes.b3Orange.
Yes, orange. It’s our national color. Every time there’s a football/soccer match, everyone wears orange, even if you’re not in the stadium but watching at home. Really colorful.

Dutch people are great at foreign languages
Yes, I guess we are. I believe everyone has the basic foreign languages at high school, which are English, French and German. On my school, we also get Spanish. So yes, most people speak some languages.

This was a short, extra post. I hope you liked it. I didn’t take the photo’s in this post, but I did edit them a bit myself.



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