My Book Stash?!

How’s it going guys? Today I figured I should share all the books I got. Even tough it’s not a big Stash, I’m happy with every single book of it and today I’ll discuss them with you. Also I’d like to know what your favorite book is and why, because I’m always in for a new book! Let’s just get into it.


I’ll just mention the books in order of buying them, and of course I’ll give a short review of the book aswell.

Wings – Aprilynne Pike
This was the first ‘real’ book I bought, and with that I mean more the adult type of books. Wings is a fantasy book, it’s about this girl called Lauren. She discovers a bloom growing on her back, and after a while she finds out she’s an elf. David, her lovely boyfriend, helps here out as soon as she finds out her big secret. Lauren meets Tamani, a boy elf which is totally into her. The story’s not just about discovering the fairy world, but also about the love in between Tamani and Lauren, and David and Lauren. This is a really nice book, I read it on my holiday back in 2013 and I completely loved reading it. It probably cost maybe 16€ and this book is in Dutch, but the originals are in English. So if you like the Fantasy Type of books, this is a nice one.

Spells – Aprilynne Pike
The second book in Aprilynne Pike’s Fantasy series. I began in this book, enjoyed it for a few chapters but then discovered that maybe Fantasy isn’t the best type of books for me. I didn’t read much of this one, maybe half of it but I still want to finish it. I feel like not finishing books isn’t good for you or anything. Anyways, I can’t really give my opinion about this one, but I remember Lauren’s going to a sort of Fairy College in Avalon, the elf city or something. This one was probably also around 16€, and once again my version is in Dutch.

De Honger Spelen – Suzanne Collins
Also known as The Hunger Games, but my version is the Dutch one. I really feel stupid for choosing Dutch nowadays, I feel like English is a much better language to read in. Anyways, I think most of you know what the Hunger Games is about. Katniss is a girl, I believe age 16, she lives in District 12. In her country, there’s something called the Hunger Games. Every year a pair including one boy and one girl from each district, have to fight against each other ’till death. Katniss volunteers when her sister gets chosen for the games, and her partner is Peeta. President Snow wants more amusement in the games, so he tells Katniss to hook up with Peeta. That’s how both of them have to convince that they’re in love with each other and I believe that they actually fall in love with each other in the first book. This is a great series of books, so aswell are the films. €12,50 did it cost so yeah, great book.

Vlammen – Suzanne Collins
After finishing the Hunger Games in like a week, I decided to buy the next book which is called Catching Fire. In this book Katniss and Peeta get send back into the area where they have to fight again, but this time they find their selves some friends with who they team up. Yeah, that’s it I guess. I don’t want to give a lot of spoilers, so this is all I can say. €12,50 aswell.

Spotgaai – Suzanne Collins
Once you have the first two books of a serie in Dutch, you can’t have the third in English alright. Mockingjay is the third book which has been in cinema for a while. In this book Katniss and Peeta don’t have to go back to the area, but this one is more about the revolution. Most of the districts don’t want the horrible Games anymore, which causes rebels to want a revolution. They need Katniss as their leader, as the Mockingjay. I actually tried twice to begin in this book, but one time it got disturbed by school and the second time Christmas arrived where I got new books to read. But I will finish it one day! €12,50 probably aswell.


The Fault In Our Stars – John Green
Who doesn’t have the book, right? This was probably my first English book, and I haven’t even finished reading it. Hazel Grace, a cancer patient, has to go to a support group. Here she meets August, which has become a friend really easily. They share their favorite books, and once August finished Hazel’s favorite book, both of them were dying to know the end of the book which wasn’t in the book. They travel to Amsterdam where the author lives, and try to get any answers. Of course Hazel and August fall in love with each other, which is totally cute. I haven’t finished this book because I saw the movie too quick, so I had the idea that I didn’t need to finish it. But I will, no worries. It has been a great book so far. 10€ maybe? Great book, amazing movie.

The Maze Runner – James Dashner
This author, amazing. I firstly saw the movie, and around Christmas I was curious about the books. I got the Maze Runner box including all 4 the books, and immediately began reading the first one. This one is about this group of young man, for example Thomas, Newt, Minho and Chuck, who all waked up a day in this giant maze. There’s only one way out, but no one has every found it yet. As curious as the new kid Thomas is, decides to run in the maze and help the Gladers as they’re called, out. It’s not just a maze they’re up against to, they are also monsters called the Grievers. I love, love, love these books. I read the first one in literally a week, and these books aren’t the thinnest ones. The box including the 4 books, was like 30€ on sale.

The Scorch Trials – James Dashner
Second book in the Maze Runner series. The Gladers who survived making their way out of the maze, now get a new task. Wicked, the company which makes them do these things, tells them they’re trying to find a cure for a horrible disease which is why the boys have to do this. The Gladers have to walk through a city, in a certain amount of days. It’s not that easy tough, it’s bloody hot there and there are these half dead people called Cranks which are kinda dangerous. Also, the group of male Gladers find out there is another group but this one’s full of girls. Another great book which I completed in only a few days, I think this is my favorite book.

The Death Cure & The Kill Order – James Dashner
I already began in the Death Cure, but I haven’t finished this third book yet, so neither did I read the Kill Order. That’s why I can’t review these two books, but I bet these will be totally awesome. The reasons why I haven’t finished these yet is because of school, and also because I want to take some books with me on Holiday this year. Since these are my all-time favorites, I chose these.

Wreck This Journal
This isn’t really a book, it’s more of a sketchbook where you can loose your creativity. It’s really fun to do the tasks like ‘Let this fall from a high spot’ or ‘Shower with me’. Alright, I didn’t shower with it but that doesn’t matter. If you want me to post a Showing My Wreck This Journal post, just tell me. I really don’t know the price of this one, maybe 10 euros?

The Pointless Book – Alfie Deyes
Also this one is more of a sketchbook. For some reason I got all freaked out when Alfie Deyes, who is a famous Youtuber, released a book so I immediately pre-ordered it. This book is great aswell, but not as great as the Wreck-This-Journal, but that’s probably because I haven’t done much in this book yet. €17,00 for a nice book.

Looking For Alaska – John Green
A week ago, I asked my sister if I could read her book which she hasn’t even started yet after 6 months. I believe this book is about a boy who is trying to find out why this girl Alaska, died. But I’m not sure of it since I started yesterday reading it. That’s why I also can’t review it yet, too bad. This book was probably around 12€ aswell.

These are the books I own. I hope you enjoyed reading this, if you’d like a longer review of any book just let me know. Also, please tell me what your favorite book is and why, I love reading great books and I feel like my English is getting better with every chapter.



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