My future Gab Year?!

Naamloos 1
I love looking forward to all the things I could do. One of those things is my Gap Year, which I definitely want. Probably when I turn 19, I’m graduated from High School and I can have my Gap Year. I sorted some things out that I definitely would like to do in my Gap Year. And for those things, I probably should start saving some money.

25-07-14 - 1

Some might see this as weird. Why in God’s sake would you want to stay in the dirtiest places and poop in a bucket? I just think it would be a great experience to know how the poor people, I’m mostly talking about Africa, live. Those people have so much to deal with, and with every extra thing they get they’re happy. We, the rich countries, complain about everything even tough we have everything. I’d like to help at a little school, play with the children and also maybe help some animals out. I’d love to make sick monkeys happy!

Naamloos 1

For already at least 6 years I want to go to London, or at least England. I’ve always loved English more than Dutch, and same counts for the countries. I’d love to go to London with some friends, have some Nando’s and have a lot of fun. Even if it was for only a week, it would be amazing. Of course there are enough other places I’d love to visit in my life. But unfortunately money isn’t infinite. Otherwise I’d love to help some homeless people out in New York, and swim with dolphins in Florida.


Make up my mind
In this Gap Year, I really want to sort things out. What do I want to study? To be honest, I already know which sort of study I want. I was thinking about Design, which could be for advertising for example, or maybe the Movie Industry side. That’s because I love designing and editing things. I still suck at editing videos, but you need to start with something, right? If you are really curious about my work, you should check out my Youtube, Daneeismyname. With the level I’ll probably graduate, I could do university but HBO is fine for me.

22-11-14 - 2

See some concerts
I just need to so some of my idols! Maybe Ed Sheeran or maybe some Youtubers who do meet-ups? I haven’t visit many concerts in my 14 year old life yet. The only one you could call a real concert was Demi Lovato ft. Antonio Banderas, it rocked!


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