My Sneakers Stash?!


Welcome back on my site! Today I will tell you something about the shoes I have. I’m not going to mention which flip-flops and slippers I have, because those aren’t that interesting. Maybe you’ll get some inspiration for shoes, probably not, and otherwise I hope you’ll just enjoy this post! Oh, don’t worry. I don’t have that many shoes. For your information, I am not trying to brag but since I can’t do anything like ‘a Make-Up Stash’ I thought why not do this?


The pair of shoes I got after my sister didn’t fit them anymore, were these blue/purple converse shoes. This was the first pair of converse that I got and from that moment I didn’t want to wear anything else. Now these are getting too small, but I save them for the times I go walk in the woods or something. I guess they were around 50€, not sure about that.


Next up were these grey sneakers from the brand Sketchers. They were meant for winter, and I absolutely adored them. For the same reason as the blue converse, I save them ‘just in case’ I need some old sneakers. Didn’t happen in 2 years, but you never know, right? These were, if I remember correctly, 60€.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

After maybe a year, I had the idea that 2 pairs of shoes wasn’t enough. Reason enough for me to buy another pair of all stars since I loved the look of it. This time they were not just a color. They had the English flag on it! I thought I was original, I thought no one had ever seen those shoes. Guess what, I show up next day at school and some girl wears the same ones. I still am deeply in love with them tough, but they’re a bit damaged. These were around 80€.


In the winter of the following year, I wanted thicker and warmer shoes. I chose Converse again, Chuck Taylor converse with a warm inside and a fake leather outside. These weren’t the cheapest, a freaking 100€. I love the look of these, but I don’t wear them that often because it takes some time to get them one. I mostly have to hurry in the mornings so yeah.


This winter, another year later, I bought wintershoes again. No, not Converse. These were from Esprit, just black sneakers with a brown lace. I wear them nowadays most often out of all my shoes. They are damaged in such a short time, but maybe I’m just not careful enough. Anyways, these were 50€.


And yesterday I bought summer shoes. Yes, converse. Don’t judge me. These beautifullies are grey and unlike all my other Converse shoes, these aren’t that high. I really can’t wait to wear these, they would be perfect on literally every outfit! These were (on sale) around 65€ and I’m just so excited!

These were all the sneakers I have! 6 Pairs over the last 4 years, I think. Enough about my shoes, what shoes are your favorites? Any recommendations? I’d love to hear what you have to say!

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