The lovely, playful children in Uganda are loving every extra bit of life they can get. They are smiling while they have nothing compared to us, who have everything but still complain. Today is the day, we all can make a change. Tomorrow, another shot, but for those poor people it can never be fast enough.

Last week Caspar Lee, a Youtuber from South Africa, posted a video about the children in Uganda, Africa. He asked people to raise money, with as goal 21.000£. In 1 day, 1185 people raised  10,762£! I will donate to Comic Relief aswell, but in this post I want to ask you, to pull out your wallets and donate a bit. But before you read along, I want to ask you to go and watch Caspar’s inspiring video. CLICK HERE.

When you put on a random playlist, you listen to the music, you maybe even listen to the lyrics but you don’t realize how beautiful it is. Only when you’re really concentrating on it, when you listened to it all by yourself, eying every single word, and every single note, you’ll realize how amazing the song is. How is it possible that all while you were listening hours to the same song, you didn’t realize this?

It’s just the same with charities. You see advertisings, you hear about it on the radio’s, but when do you really realize what those people are going through? Only when you’ve been there yourself, you can understand just a bit of how hard life is.

I once read in my Geographic’s Books, that the rich countries like Europe and America are the happiest countries. It’s weird that I just realized that that is completely wrong. The people there work hard, it’s not easy to get a high-paid job. The hospitals in Uganda aren’t that great. Those who they would call a good hospital, would be called a messed up room in our countries. Some of the kids are so ill, they need help. But they still smile, they all smile. They’re all thankful for what they have, and I think we should be more like them. We should be grateful for what we’ve got, for the beautiful people we’ve met, for the opportunities we got.

Some of the children are starving, others are stung by Malaria. There’s no help there, but that doesn’t mean we can’t send them help. The best is to help them right now, the sooner they receive our help, the sooner things will get better.

Remember, every single pound makes a different. If you don’t have the money, or your not willing to donate, please spread the word. Share this post or share Caspar’s video with people who might be able to donate a few pounds. The money we collect will go to hospitals in Africa. Don’t worry, Comic Relief is a great charity. Your money will be in great hands, and all those happy people will get even happier. I definitely think it’s worth it. Just a few pounds.

All these photo’s were taken from Caspar Lee’s video. I do not own any of those rights.


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