Yes! Winter’s moving away and Spring is coming closer! With 61oF, 16oC is the sun shining at this very moment. Of course I’m sitting outside, enjoying the sunshine. It’s not that you can sit outside with only a t-shirt, that’s a bit too cool. But I’m wrapped in a blanket, and it’s perfect this way. Mom suggested I should sit outside for some minutes, because I’m pale. I’m such a righteous girl, haha. I came up with some to-do ideas, for when you’re bored and weather’s like here.

4 Fruit-mix smoothie! Just throw some pieces of fruit in your blender, you might wanna add some yoghurt. Depending on if you wanna be healthy or not, you add some sugar. It will probably taste delicious anyway, but just in case you want to have a real receipt, here you go: Cut 2 bananas, 2 apples and 2 oranges in little pieces. Throw these in the beautiful blender. Add a tiny bit of lemon juice, a bit of honey and some ice cubes. Press the button so the blender would do it’s thing and wait for the smoothie to be mixed. There you go, your home-made smoothie! I wish I could make smoothies, but since my parents threw the freaking blender away, I guess that won’t work out anymore… 2 Online! I don’t play that often, but when I do, I play COD, GTA or Skate3. It’s fun, even tough I am terrible at all those games. It might be too bad that you’re not outside at that moment, but at least you’re not bored. It’s also fun to play really old Nintendo games, thinking back about memories. If you don’t have any computer game, except for a laptop, you could play the Sims, or just those really basic games. Maybe you’d like to watch some Youtube videos, or a whole movie? 1 Go do some homework! It might not be fun, but it’s very useful. You have to make your homework one day, so why not now? I just discovered that I have a 5,3 out of a 10 for Geographic’s. That sucks a lot, it’s my first so called ‘onvoldoende’, which means it’s not high enough. I don’t really care that it’s my first bad grade, but I thought the test went really good. Maybe I should do what I suggest you to do, make homework…      

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