Learn The Dutch Life

Learn the Dutch Life #1


Every country has it’s own habits, in England they have completely different things than in India. But what are those habits in the Netherlands, the country which is famous because of it’s tulips and mills. In this series, which will include 3 posts, I will tell you some of the unusual habits from this tiny land. This is the first post, and in this post I will talk about the typical Dutch food. (Pictures: stroopwafels and raw herring)


As breakfast most people choose to eat a slice of bread. I normally eat a slice of bread with chocolate sprinkles, which is called ‘een boterham met hagelslag’. This is shown on the picture above. This is not the healthiest breakfast, but it’s really normal to eat that here. If you want to be more healthy, you can choose to go for a slice of bread with ham, or cheese, or whatever. We also bring slices of bread with us to school, nothing special. The lunch mostly is the same as a breakfast here. There’s also something called ‘worstenbroodje’ which would literally mean ‘sausage bread’. In some countries you have ‘Pigs in a blanket’ but these are different from ours.

It’s not that we only eat typical Dutch food here, of course not. But the typical Dutch dinner is for example the so called ‘Boerenkool met worst’ which is a green substance with a salt sausage. (Picture above) I really don’t like it to be honest, but alright. We also eat raw herring, which I absolutely hate. As last Diner meal I’m going to discuss, is ‘stampot’ which is a vegetable smash. I looks a bit like the boerenkool, but it has different vegetables in it. Once again, I dislike this meal but yeah…

Let’s begin with the snack we eat around New Year’s time. We call them ‘oliebollen’ but google translate calls them Dutch Doughnuts. (Picture above) We eat them with a lot of sugar and sometimes raisins. Next up, ‘kroket’ and ‘frikandel’. These two snacks are mostly eaten with French Fries. Those two snacks are made of meat and delicious! You really need to try them if you ever visit Holland. We continue with ‘Stroopwafel’ which basically is a cookie with syrup inbetween. These are delicious! You really should try them!

Strange way to get your food?
As I mentioned before, we eat Frikandel and Kroket. A ‘snackbar’ is a place where you can get French fries and those types of snacks. When you’re at a snackbar, you often can go to this special wall where you can buy frikandellen and kroketten out of a wall. See the picture above if you don’t have a clue what I’m talking about.

That was the first ‘episode’ of Learn the Dutch Life! I hope you liked it.


I didn’t take any of the photo’s in this post myself. I don’t own any of the rights of these photos.

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