Los Angeles?!


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In Summer Break I’ll be flying to freaking Los Angeles! I’m so excited and eventough there are still 6 months of patience, I already am preparing things. For example, I search the hotels we’re staying in on Google Maps and walk around the place to search for a near Starbucks.

Since it’s a Roadtrip, we’ll be also visiting Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon and San Fransisco! Of course I already know the popular Sightseeing things, like Universal Studio’s and the Walk of Fame. But maybe you know smaller places which are really nice to visit. If you do, please leave a comment below, I’d really appreciate that.

Now we continue with some things I really would like to get before I go on this trip!

First of all I’d like to get a better camera. The one I’m currently using is acting really strange and the pictures that I make come out really messed up. This Nikon, it’s the D3200 looks really pretty and has nice reviews. I might go get this one, but I’ll have to save some money up first!

Next up, summer clothing! Every year I get really excited to buy new summer clothes, but when time comes, I can’t find anything cute. Hopefully this year will be different!

A Travel Diary would be great aswell. I had one once, but I forgot to write in it, failure! But this time I really want all my experiences to be with me forever.

I guess that’s all I really would like to buy! Of course I’d also like to have the best Holiday ever, but I’m sure that’ll work out. I can’t wait to talk English for the time I’m being there, to drink Starbucks more often and eat Dunkin’ Donuts and just to enjoy the American life!

6 thoughts on “Los Angeles?!

  1. Great trip you have planned! LA is a great time. Do you want restaurant recommendations? I am very familiar with Los Angeles. I would also suggest checking out the Venice Boardwalk – super fun. If you like hiking, Runyon canyon is such a beautiful hike and once you’re at the top you really get to see all of LA! Great workout is a bonus. Las Vegas is unreal and you’ll have the best time if you love partying hahaha that’s all I’ve ever been to Vegas for other than for work a couple of times. Im going to sanfran for the first time next month for my birthday and I can’t wait!


    1. Sounds like you had great fun in California! And yes, I’d love to receive some restaurant recommendations! Venice Boardwalk was already on my to-do list, but Runyon Canyon might be added, haha.

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      1. Definitely do Runyon! It’s so much fun and honestly so good for the soul hahaha they even do a free yoga a the bottom of the hill when you’re done the hike. So cute. What kind of food do you like? There’s a really fun mexican place called pink taco on sunset blvd which is amazing and the best day to go is Tuesday if you’re there on a Tuesday otherwise it’s still fun haha villa Blanca and sur are actually really good too even aside from their tv show. Katana is such a cool sushi restaurant but on the pricier side… The atmosphere is on point and same goes with BOA but that’s a steak house. I lived there for a little so if you have a cuisine you like I’ll probably be better help since I love all food and have had it all haha


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