My Teen Wolf Addiction?!

Since I’m obsessed with the idea of Teen Wolf and it’s mythical creatures, I decided to do the Teen Wolf Tag. I probably will give small spoilers but I’ll leave the really important ones out of this post.

1. How did you discover the show?
You know when you’re really obsessed with a movie, which was The Maze Runner for me, you search on the names of your favorite actors to see in what films they’ve played? I did that for mister Dylan O’Brien and I quickly found Teen Wolf. Bam, addiction here I am.

2. Who’s your favourite character?
Stiles, definitely. He’s sarcastic, careful and smart, tries to do everything to help his friends and family. I can’t think of even one time he made a mistake. And like I said before, Dylan O’Brien is a brilliant actor.

3. Who’s your least favorite character?
Okay, you’ve now the rights to hate me. I really dislike Allison. After the time she turned into something evil, eventough it was for a short while, I never liked her again.

4. What has been your favourite episode?
Motel California! The Emotion Rollercoaster, jees!

5. Who’s your favourite couple/ship?
Stalia! Malia is kinda new to the life as human but Stiles shows her the way. It’s cute and I’m happy Stiles has someone now. Lydia’s a great girl, but she had enough chances to be with Stiles.

6. What episode has been the creepiest/scariest for you?
None, I really didn’t have a jumpy moment yet.

7. What was your first initial thought on the show and did it change after you saw it?
I didn’t have any thoughts before, just that I’d probably would hate it OR I’d be loving it as shit. Guess what, the second thing happened.

8. Have you seen Teen Wolf the movie?
Okay, hang on there. Is there a Teen Wolf movie? Why didn’t  I know that!?

9. Any predictions for the upcoming episodes?
Not really, I think there will be some rough times between Stiles and Malia or Scott and Kira.

10. What is your favourite season?
All of them. But I think 3 is the best one.


(Disclaimer: The Pictures I used in this post are not mine. I do not own any rights on them.)

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